New Jersey DUI Testimonials

Dismissed the DWI and all tickets

DWI in North Brunswick. Client found asleep in his car with his door partly open when the police arrived. Client had a .14 BAC.

After defense investigation, prosecutor dismissed the DWI and all tickets. Client very happy!


DWI case with blood-alcohol .13.  DWI dismissed because the State Police refused to turn over the videos of the field sobriety test.

Filed motion for the videos and eventually the judge ordered the videos excluded from the evidence.  Showed prosecutor how the State Police had improperly documented the field sobriety testing procedures and results.  Prosecutor decided the State could not prove the DWI. Client plead to a Careless Driving and Speeding 9 MPH over the limit.

– Client is very happy


I can’t say enough about his expertise

Doug was incredibly attentive and conscientious in a really difficult and sensitive family matter. He resolved the problem for us in a matter of 24 hours. He has a strong network he seems able to call on 24/7 to speed up resolutions. I can’t say enough about his expertise.

– Sue


If you need help, you need to call Douglas now!

I called the Law Office of Douglas Herring in a Saturday because my son was arrested on Friday night. Douglas called me back and met with us on the weekend. He calmed us down and explained the process. We were able to get past this incident and get on with our lives. If you need help, you need to call Douglas now.

– Ralph


Doug was absolutely OUTSTANDING!

If I could leave more than 5 stars I would have! I can’t express how much I am satisfied with the results of my case! Doug came through for me with stellar professional experience and performance! A+++ If I ever get in trouble again, I won’t have to think for a second, Doug will be the first person I contact. It’s been a true pleasure to get professional help from such a humble and caring person. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

– Isa


He is realistic, very professional in court, a nice guy, and I can tell he sincerely cares about the well-being of his clients.

“So I got pulled over for my first DUI in Plainsboro, NJ in December 2014. After s few consultations with other attorneys, I decided to have Doug represent me. I was charged with Failure to Mainatain Lane, Reckless Driving, DWI, and DWI in a school zone. Doug was able to have everything but the DWI itself resolved along with the minimum suspension time and fines for my BAC. A week before I was to plead guilty, I got pulled over again for the same thing (oops) and Doug was able to handle it on the fly. For the second one, I was charged with speeding, failure to maintain lane, DWI, and reckless and once again Doug was able to have the other charges dropped. Both times, Doug got me the copies of my police report in a timely fashion and on top of that, I even have a copy of the footage of the pull over and stop. He is realistic, very professional in court, a nice guy, and I can tell he sincerely cares about the well-being of his clients. He even drove me to court and I would certainly recommend him! Thanks Doug!”



Saved my future!

I was looking at some very serious charges that could have resulted in 3-5 years in prison. Mr. Herring has a very calm and reassuring demeanor and knew what to do right from the start. He was always readily available and willing to answer any questions or concerns I may have had. Thanks to Mr. Herring I got through this as unscathed as possible with no conviction.



Called to action-above and beyond response, outcome, and follow-up!

Doug’s calm and rational personality and ability to quickly gain perspective and relate ensured a positive win-win outcome, and was grace under pressure.


All charges got dismissed!

I got stopped by the State Police and they searched my car. I have a professional license and I could have lost my career. Mr. Herring got all the charges dismissed. He saved my future.


Don’t think twice, hire this attorney now!!

I sought out Mr. Herring’s advice on numerous occasions and then used his services as a criminal defense attorney. He made himself available by phone at night and on weekends. That is something I never expected from a well-respected professional. The judges he appears in front of seem to defer to his knowledge and experience. He treats his clients as though he was in the “hot seat” and I cannot say enough good things about him.

I’ve worked with Doug for several years at the District Attorney’s office and have followed his career since then. He is a truly outstanding lawyer: always prepared, knowledgeable, instinctive in the courtroom, passionate about his work, and very tech savvy. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a criminal or DUI defense lawyer.



An extremely talented and well-respected attorney in the legal community

I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer who knows the law and truly cares about protecting the rights of his clients and getting them the most favorable result possible.

-John O.


Highly regarded by Judges, other prosecutors and defense attorneys

I have known Doug Herring for years. He was a tough, knowledgeable, extremely fair and practical prosecutor. He knows the law and every person in the Court system and Prosecutor’s office. He knows all the police and detectives. All hold him in extremely high regard. As important he is liked by all. He is a fabulous trial attorney and an expert on criminal law but these contacts make him invaluable to any person charged with an offense from Municipal Court to Superior Court. I highly endorse Doug Herring. I endorse this lawyer. I have known Mr. Herring for 20 years. When he was a prosecutor he was highly regarded by Judges, other prosecutors and defense attorneys. Now that he is a defense attorney he has an inside track on how the prosecution assembles their cases and he knows how to attack their case. He is my top pick if I ever get in trouble in the greater NJ area.