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May, 21 2017
Drinking and Driving Underage: New Jersey DUI Laws for Minors

Drinking and driving come with high penalties for anyone. Grown ups know that they face major fines and penalties should they be caught for driving under the influence. However, adults also know the ins and outs of the law and…

May, 14 2017
How Does a DUI Affect Your Car Insurance

A DUI charge would be a burden for anyone. Assuming nobody was injured or killed, the biggest concern you may have is, “How is this going to affect my auto insurance?” This is a valid concern because if the court…

May, 7 2017
The Top 10 Craziest DUI Stories of the 21st Century

DUI arrests are common, but the craziest DUI stories are the ones that make the news. In the digital age, some arrests can go viral and spiral out of control. These stories aren’t usually violent or fatal, rather bizarre in…

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