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July, 21 2017
Ways to Avoid a DUI

A DUI can have serious consequences. Obviously, the best way to avoid the consequences is to avoid a DUI altogether. Of course, there are legal consequences to drinking and driving. However, the more serious consequences include hurting yourself, a friend,…

July, 14 2017
New Jersey BUI Laws

While many know about driving under the influence and the different laws that come along with suffering a DUI arrest, few know about how the law treats boats. However, many people enjoy driving their boats through the open waters, and…

July, 7 2017
Ignition Interlock Device in New Jersey

Ignition interlock devices have become a popular tool for the courts. There is some evidence that these devices prevent a person with a DUI conviction from repeating the offense. New Jersey is one of the states that have jumped on…

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