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July, 14 2019
How Does a DUI Affect Your Car Insurance

A DUI charge would be a burden for anyone. Assuming nobody was injured or killed, one of the biggest concern you may have is, “How is this going to affect my auto insurance?” This is a valid concern because if…

June, 11 2019
Are Field Sobriety Tests Accurate?

We all know the drill. Whenever someone receives field sobriety test, they stand on one foot, walk heel to toe in a straight line, and follow a light with their eyes. However, what you may no know is that field…

April, 19 2019
Should I Hire a Lawyer for a DWI

If you are facing DWI charges, you probably have two fundamental questions on your mind. First, is there a difference between a DWI and a DUI? Second, will I need to hire a lawyer for a DWI? These are common…

February, 14 2019
What to Do If You Are Facing Your Third DUI Offense

Being convicted of a DUI is a serious charge, but it can also be a manageable mistake. You’ll likely pay fines and deal with a suspended license, but overall, it’s a charge that you’ll eventually recover from. Of course, a…

January, 23 2019
Case Result: Prosecutor decided the State could not prove the DWI.

DWI case with blood-alcohol .13.  DWI dismissed because the State Police refused to turn over the videos of the field sobriety test. Filed motion for the videos and eventually the judge ordered the videos excluded from the evidence.  Showed prosecutor…

January, 17 2019

Third-time DWI with a BAC .30, which would have a mandatory sentence of 180 days in jail.  Filed motion to suppress because the State Police could not produce the claimed 911 calls from other drivers.  Prosecutor agreed to dismiss the…

December, 18 2018
The DUI Don’ts of 2018

Tis the season for holiday events and celebrations! There’s no shortage of gatherings this time of year. That means extra time with family and friends, more giving, more fun, and a likelier chance of getting a DUI. Unfortunately, DUIs are…

November, 19 2018
10 Frequently Asked New Jersey DUI Questions

Regardless if you’ve been charged with a DUI or not, many New Jersey residents have questions concerning the laws and regulations around drinking and driving. Abstaining from consuming alcohol when operating a vehicle is always the safest bet. However, there…

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