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July, 27 2018
Case Result : No jail. Very happy client!

Second Degree Endangering the Welfare of a Child. With client’s prior record, certain prison sentence of 5 to 10 years. Demonstrated the weakness in the State’s case. Prosecutor agreed to reduce the case to Disorderly Conduct, the equivalent of a…

July, 18 2018
DUI Consequences in New Jersey

The sinking feeling in your stomach when you see a police cruiser behind your car is one of the worst feelings you can have in your life. It can be even more devastating to you if you’ve had a few…

July, 17 2018
From Attempted Murder to Recklessness

1st degree attempted murder. The prosecution offered 10 years with a requirement to serve 85% before any parole. Filed two motions and prosecutor reduced case to a 3rd degree for recklessly causing injury. Probation with time served and release from…

July, 13 2018
Case Results – DWI Dismissed

Client located at his vehicle when the police arrive for a 911 call of an assault. Police said they smelled alcohol and had the driver do some field sobriety tests. Client blew .10 BAC. Because of Miranda warning violations, the…

June, 10 2018
The History of Alcohol Laws in NJ

Among some of the most restrictive and complicated liquor laws in the U.S., New Jersey’s old-fashioned regulations date back many decades. The history of alcohol laws in NJ baffles visitors from other parts of the nation, and the rules are…

May, 26 2018
Holiday Drinking and Driving: An American Tradition

Holiday drinking and driving is becoming a part of our culture. While we might not think about it, alcohol has become infused with much of our lives. Many people talk about meeting for a drink when they want to talk…

May, 9 2018
“Affluenza” as a Legal Argument

The term affluenza has been around for a while, but most people may think that it’s a relatively new word. It’s almost synonymous with Ethan Couch, and to many, everything that is wrong with the United States today. Affluenza is…

January, 19 2018
Traffic Tickets: What Can You Do?

Almost everyone gets traffic tickets at some point in their life. Whether it is when you first learn to drive, later in life when it is harder to see or one day while you are in a rush to get…

January, 15 2018
Marijuana DUI: Everything You Need to Know

Although drunk driving charges are quite common in New Jersey, drugged driving is becoming increasingly common. One of the most common types of drugged driving involves marijuana. Sometimes known as a marijuana DUI, driving under the influence of marijuana is…

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