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October, 29 2017
Handling a Police Interaction the Correct Way

There are plenty of reasons for a police interaction when they pull you over. And all of them would be legal, as long as it constitutes probable cause. You are likely to be pulled over for a tail or plate…

October, 19 2017
Remember NJ Speed Limit Laws

In New Jersey, traffic violations can cost you a pretty penny. In addition to paying a high fine, you may also have higher insurance rates. Those who have serious violations could even receive time in prison. With such strict penalties…

September, 19 2017
DUI Checkpoints: Know Your Rights

When a police officer pulls you over for drinking and driving, he needs a reason to do so. If you don’t exhibit certain reckless driving behaviors, you may be able to avoid a DUI. However, DUI checkpoints are different. You…

September, 11 2017
Will a DUI Affect Your Education

A DUI conviction will affect your life in many ways. You will have to pay more for car insurance, be restricted to a particular area, and pay some substantial fines. You will even have to serve community service, for a…

August, 29 2017
DUIs In New Jersey Are Traffic Violations

When you receive a DWI in the state of New Jersey, you don’t get a felony or a misdemeanor on your record. Instead, you get a traffic offense. This is quite different from the way other states handle DUIs, and…

August, 18 2017
The Newest New Jersey DUI Law: Vehicular Homicide

Vehicular homicide penalties are now more strict than ever before. Recent legislation signed by Gov. Chris Christie will cause a greater amount of liability for those convicted of vehicular homicide. It will now require a sizable jail sentence, as well….

August, 9 2017
What to do During a DUI Stop

Any encounter with the police can be nerve racking. A DUI stop is, even more, nerve racking because of the punishments for the crime. The higher stakes mean that you should make sure not to help the officer’s case. There…

July, 21 2017
Ways to Avoid a DUI

A DUI can have serious consequences. Obviously, the best way to avoid the consequences is to avoid a DUI altogether. Of course, there are legal consequences to drinking and driving. However, the more serious consequences include hurting yourself, a friend,…

July, 14 2017
New Jersey BUI Laws

While many know about driving under the influence and the different laws that come along with suffering a DUI arrest, few know about how the law treats boats. However, many people enjoy driving their boats through the open waters, and…

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