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February, 21 2017
What Happens If You Get a DUI in Another State?

New Jersey DUI Attorney Explains Out of State DUI Charges The rules change if you are charged with a DUI out of the state of New Jersey. Though you were charged in a location that you never are going to…

February, 11 2017
What an Expungement Lawyer Can Do for You

One bad decision or a mistake that lasts just a minute can leave you with a criminal record. And once you have been labeled as a criminal, you will face bias and discrimination for the rest of your life. Instead…

February, 1 2017
DWI in NJ: Laws of Marijuana: How Do You Prove Marijuana Usage

Marijuana is a hot subject all across the United States, and as the press grows around the subject, the discussion of the laws of marijuana become more and more prominent. In New Jersey marijuana is not yet legal for medicinal…

January, 20 2017
Mercer DUI Lawyer at Your Side: There is No Better Defense

Mercer DUI Lawyer You’ve spent a night out on the town celebrating, or maybe you just went out after work or the game for a few drinks with your friends. Perhaps neither of these apply, but the one thing that…

January, 17 2017
Alarming Statistics About DUI in NJ

Reducing the number of drunk drivers on the road is a national priority. However, in pursuit of that mission, some states have begun aggressively policing the problem. Statistics about the number of arrests for DUI in NJ reveal that the…

December, 13 2016
Be Careful Who You Choose as Your DUI Defense Lawyer

When you look around you see ads for DUI defense lawyers everywhere. It can be easy to assume that if you are ever arrested for impaired driving you can contact any DUI defense lawyer and get about the same quality…

December, 5 2016
Tips for Holiday Travel from a DUI Defense Attorney

New York City is a Mecca during the holiday season with countless shows, events, shopping opportunities and parties to attend. That means a huge percentage of New Jersey residents will be traveling to the city to seek out holiday fun….

November, 22 2016
DUI Defense ….is it Necessary for You?

DUI Defense: Elements of a DUI The person was operating the vehicle in an impaired manner, and there was alcohol or other intoxicants detected in their blood. In NJ, it is not necessary that the BAC (blood alcohol content) be…

November, 8 2016
Thanksgiving and DUI in NJ

The holidays are almost here, and with Thanksgiving around the corner, we look forward to family, food and giving thanks for the all that we have. We also attend holiday parties where there is bound to be alcohol served. If…

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