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June, 6 2016
Alcohol Kills Good People

Alcohol-Related Accidents So many people have needlessly been involved in unnecessary car accidents due to binge drinking. Alcohol impairs our thoughts and actions which makes operating a vehicles quite dangerous, and not just for you, but for anyone who has…

February, 8 2016
What To Do For Your First DUI in NJ

DUI Attorney in NJ – Douglas Herring When you get together with your friends for drinks, you are probably thinking that it is not going to be a memorable night. Sure your friend may meet a new girl, or someone…

January, 12 2016
NJ DUI Attorney: Ready to represent you!

NJ DUI Attorney Whether you have never been pulled over, or you have a handful of DUI’s everyone is familiar with field sobriety testing. You have seen people try to follow the officers finger in movies or stand on one…

December, 1 2015
Fighting Your NJ DUI

Consulting with an NJ DUI Attorney If you or a loved one is facing an NJ DUI arrest, you are probably very concerned and have many questions. Now is not the time to panic, now is the time to act,…

December, 1 2015
Whom Should I Choose As My New Jersey DWI Lawyer?

Attorney Assessments: Whom Should I Choose As My New Jersey DWI Lawyer? Whatever the circumstances, you should never begin a DWI case without the best legal representation you can find. A good New Jersey DWI Lawyer can demonstrate the flaws…

November, 21 2015
DUI in NJ: What Should You Do?

DUI in NJ: What Should You Do? Anytime someone is arrested for a DUI in NJ or a DUI related charge, there are things that you should and should not do. Knowing the difference could mean a much better case…

November, 20 2015
New Jersey DWI Attorney

New Jersey DWI Attorney If you’ve been charged with a DUI (drinking under the influence of drugs or alcohol) in New Jersey, you could be facing serious penalties. The penalties for a first offense include fines up to $500, up…

November, 15 2015
New Jersey DUI Lawyer: Do You Need One?

New Jersey DUI Lawyer: Do You Need One? You may think that if you are charged with a DUI, you can handle the situation on your own, especially if this is your first offense or there were no further charges…

November, 11 2015
New Jersey DUI Attorneys: Why Should You Hire One?

New Jersey DUI Attorneys: Why Should You Hire One? There are numerous benefits when you hire an attorney who specializes in the laws as they relate to drunk driving; however, many people are not aware of these benefits and hire…

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