It’s that time of Year Says Herring, DUI Attorney in NJ

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The leaves are turning, or have turned already. There’s a bit of a nip in the air, and you know that the Holidays are coming! No matter your race or religion, if you’re a DUI attorney in NJ or newspaper boy in Idaho, there’s no denying that they’re almost here. And with the Holidays, there are some things that most of us can expect.

Family and Friends

From near and far, since the Holidays are coming, so are family and friends. Those of us that we love and hold dear we often don’t see nearly as frequently as we would like. The Holidays are a season that affords us the time we don’t usually get with these fine folks. And we try to make the most possible out of this special time of year. And why not? Some of them we only get to see once a year, if that. As a DUI attorney in NJ, I certainly appreciate being able to spend some quality time with those that I love.

Celebrations and Libations

As the Holidays are ushered in, or even as the Holidays are coming, we celebrate with our families, friends, and co-workers. The glass of wine at Thanksgiving, the hot toddies to take the chill off our bones or the beer watching the game. There’s alcohol being served almost everywhere. Even at the Holiday functions that a DUI attorney in NJ is supposed to attend!

Observations and Cautions

Just as the Holidays and the celebrations are coming, so is an increased police presence. If you’re paying attention at all, and as a DUI attorney in NJ I do, as we get closer to the culmination of the Holiday Season, you’ll notice more officers on the streets. More cruisers are keeping an eye out and of course, more DUI checkpoints than you will probably see for the rest of the year combined. And with good reason. As a DUI attorney in NJ, I can tell you that this is some of the most dangerous time to drive that there is. Thanksgiving Eve, or Black Wednesday, as it has come to be known, is one of the most heavily policed days on the road and perhaps one of the most dangerous. Spending Thanksgiving Eve catching up with friends is great. It’s fun to come home and catch up with them. Spend Thanksgiving Day with your family, not in a jail cell. Don’t spend ANY day in a jail cell. Don’t drink and drive, but if you do are arrested, contact the best DUI attorney in NJ, contact The Law Office of Douglas Herring.