dui defense lawyerWhen you look around you see ads for DUI defense lawyers everywhere. It can be easy to assume that if you are ever arrested for impaired driving you can contact any DUI defense lawyer and get about the same quality legal services. This is a common attitude and a big mistake. The truth is that not every DUI defense lawyer is created equal, and the bad ones can hurt you a lot more than they can help you. Here is what could happen with the wrong lawyer in your corner.

Face Unnecessary Penalties

There are effective ways to fight any DUI charge, even if the facts of the case seem clear. But in order to take advantage of the best legal strategies available, you need to work with a quality DUI defense lawyer. Picking a bad one can mean the difference between innocent and guilty, a major penalty or a slap on the wrist. There is never a guarantee that you will avoid punishment, but a bad lawyer makes things a lot less certain.

Pay Too Much

One of the clearest signs that you’re working with the wrong DUI defense lawyer is that you’re paying too much for underwhelming services. You have been promised the full resources of the entire firm, but you’re having trouble getting someone to return your calls. The other option is that you find the cheapest DUI defense lawyer possible and receive the absolute minimum amount of legal aid available. Either way, it’s money wasted. Don’t confuse cost with quality, but recognize that the kind of lawyer you want to hire is not going to work for pennies.

Wreck Your Record

One DUI charge is bad enough. But if you get multiple charges the penalties begin to multiply quickly. Your priority has to be keeping the first charge off your record, which is why you will not want to depend on a bad DUI defense attorney. Your reputation, finances, and freedoms are hanging in the balance. Cut-rate legal services will not get the job done.

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