Reducing the number of drunk drivers on the road is a national priority. However, in pursuit of that mission, some states have begun aggressively policing the problem. Statistics about the number of arrests for DUI in NJ reveal that the local and state police are especially eager to stop any driver they believe poses a risk on the roads. Just consider the numbers:

Arrests for DUI in NJ in 2015

Over the course of 2015, there were 24,313 arrests for DUI in NJ. Considering that the population of the entire state is 8,821,155, that puts NJ close to the top of the list for DUI arrests per capita. Part of that is due to the number of impaired drivers on the road. But part of it has to do with the aggressive approach that the police take towards DUI in NJ.

Age and Drink Analysis

According to statistics for the nation as a whole, the largest number of drivers arrested fro DUI fall between the ages of 18 and 24. These arrests constitute 25.3% of all DUI arrests, a figure that is significantly higher than all other age groups. Of all the drivers who were arrested for DUI over the course of 2015, 54% reported that they had only consumed beer.

These statistics do not excuse anyone who is driving while impaired. However, they do reveal that the police are likely to target younger drivers and that the consumption of any amount of alcohol labels a driver as dangerous in the eyes of the police.

If you want to avoid a charge for DUI in NJ, you need to be aware that the police are eager to boost their arrest statistics. Furthermore, some drivers will face heavier scrutiny from the law than others.

Anyone who is charged with DUI in NJ has the right to challenge the charge and fight for their freedom. As part of their zeal, the police routinely make unlawful arrests that can be challenged in court. Instead of allowing yourself to become part of the statistics for DUI in NJ, get effective legal representation by contacting The Law Office of Douglas Herring at 609-821-8060.