DUI in NJ: What Should You Do?

Anytime someone is arrested for a DUI in NJ or a DUI related charge, there are things that you should and should not do. Knowing the difference could mean a much better case for you, or a much worse one. That is why it is important to know and understand the correct steps to take after being arrested for a DUI in NJ. The timing of your actions after the arrest is very critical in the state of New Jersey since this kind of charge is taken very seriously.

Using an Attorney

Since the police take this kind of charge very seriously, it is best that you follow their instructions. One of these will be to provide a blood or urine test and maybe even a breathalyzer. This is a requirement and you should not fight it in the moment. What you should do, however, is contact an attorney that specializes in DUI in NJ, like NJ DUI Defense Lawyer Douglas Herring. It is important that you have your attorney review the results of these tests as soon as possible. They will also meet with you to discuss the details of the arrest and your next steps. The thing you do not want to do when you get arrested is make mistakes. There are many DUI in NJ that are won simply because the defendant made several mistakes throughout the process of their arrest and trial. The arrest process involves many strict rules and one small mistake could end up costing you money, driving privileges, and even jail time. The best way to prepare and put your best foot forward to a chance to overturn the case, is with an attorney that specializes in and has experience with DUI’s or other charge involving driving under the influence.

Common Mistakes Made That Can Hurt You Or Help You

There are many strict policies and procedures that officers must abide by during the DUI in NJ arrest process. It is actually a quite complex process to go through. Knowing what is expected of them can help you win your case or get it overturned. The right DUI in NJ attorney will know what they are supposed to do and if they make a mistake, it could be enough to change the entire arrest record and throw it out. The problem is that if you do not know what exactly yo look for in your DUI in NJ, you will never find it. That is why the biggest mistake you can make right after your arrest is not calling an attorney for assistance. Having an attorney who knows the process and what to look for is the best possible way to win your specific case. Do not make the mistake of letting the officer mistakes slip through the cracks. Make an educated decision and contact an attorney right after your arrest.

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