Consulting withNJ DUI an NJ DUI Attorney

If you or a loved one is facing an NJ DUI arrest, you are probably very concerned and have many questions. Now is not the time to panic, now is the time to act, and you’ll need to act very quickly. You will need a lawyer who specializes in NJ DUI law. A general attorney does not have the skills and experience with DUI to fight your case effectively. A DUI in New Jersey is a serious offense, but a good NJ DUI attorney can help you understand your situation. An experienced lawyer can guide you through the process to reduce or eliminate any penalties and punishments. To do this, your attorney will look at several areas where the arrest can be questioned.

Probable Cause

The first aspect of your case a lawyer will look at is whether or not the officer had probable cause to pull you over. If there is any question as to the validity of your traffic violation, the arrest would likely be thrown out. The arresting officer needs to prove you committed a violation, beyond watching you exit a bar and get in your car. Your NJ DUI lawyer will know NJ traffic laws, and will skillfully argue the legitimacy of your violation.

Field Sobriety Test

Field sobriety tests are, at best, ambiguous, and at worst biased. The standard tests, such as the walk and turn and the one-leg-stand, have been shown to be less than 70% accurate, and non-standard tests like counting backwards or saying the alphabet are not even recognized by the law. Your NJ DUI attorney knows the weaknesses of these tests, and will fight to make sure you’re not punished because of an erroneous judgment call made in the field.

NJ DUI Breathalyzer Testing

Breathalyzer testing in New Jersey is taken very seriously, and follows rigid protocols. In the event of the arresting officer not following the protocol explicitly, the DUI charges can be dismissed entirely. A good NJ DUI lawyer can investigate the specifics of the breathalyzer test, to determine if the testing protocol was followed correctly, and will have the breathalyzer results excluded if any steps were ignored or missed.

Other Factors

There are many other factors your NJ DUI lawyer will investigate, to help your argument for dismissing your charges. Eyewitness and surveillance video evidence can be discovered, and your personal medical and health may also be a facet of the defense. Then, your lawyer will consider environmental factors, like the weather and road conditions, and may also investigate the credibility of the arresting officer, and the state of the test equipment that was used. All of these details need to be investigated to provide the best defense for a DUI arrest.

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