New York City is a Mecca during the holiday season with countless shows, events, shopping opportunities and parties to attend. That means a huge percentage of New Jersey residents will be traveling to the city to seek out holiday fun.

To keep this season merry, keep these travel tips from a DUI defense attorney in mind.

  • Enlist a Back-Up Driver – Any trip in any out of NYC has the potential to take a lot longer than expected. And if you have plans to travel back late at night, the trip could be taxing if you’re tired and drowsy. Having a second driver with you ensures you can safely get to your destination without taking unnecessary risks and without hiring a DUI defense attorney.
  • Stay Overnight – If you have a packed schedule in the city planned, consider staying overnight rather than traveling after dark. Roadway risks are greater at night. And any DUI defense attorney will tell you from experience that a higher percentage of dangerous drivers are or on the roads after the bars close and holiday parties end.
  • Schedule Strategically – Right before and after major events/occasions in the city are the busiest times for holiday travel. And no matter when you’re on the road, the more cars there are around you, the more dangerous your drive is. If possible, try to travel during off-peak periods so that you can avoid delays and travel at a speed and style that makes you comfortable.
  • Check Your Vehicle – Car trouble is a lot more annoying when you’re stuck in the cold. And anytime your vehicle is disabled on the side of the road it puts you at risk. Before heading into the city, check that your car has enough gas, that the tires are inflated, and that your wiper blades are working.
  • Avoid Drinking and Driving – Holiday celebrations often involve alcohol. If you plan to partake, make sure you have an alternate form of transportation or a place to stay overnight. You want to spend your holidays with friends and family, not with a DUI defense attorney.


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