College is supposed to be one of the best times of your lives. You’re taking the right steps towards a prosperous future, meeting close friends, and maybe even falling in love. Everything is going great, until one night after the bars you see flashing lights in your rearview mirror. What happens next? Here are some ways a DUI in college affects you, and some of its far-reaching consequences.

How Can Getting a DUI in College Affect You?

Getting a DUI in college can have a severe impact on your life. The terrible decision to drive after a night of drinking has repercussions far beyond possible jail time and fines.

You Might Lose Your Scholarship

The police will report the DUI to the college or university. Many scholarships have policies written into them that will cause a student to lose their funding because of a drunk driving arrest. It will depend on the scholarship and the university.

You Might Lose Your Housing

If you live on campus, in the dorms or any university residence, you may lose your housing because of a DUI. Again, it will depend on your college’s policy, but it is not uncommon.

If you live off campus, you are still going to have a problem because you are likely to lose your drivers license. This predicament makes getting to and from school from wherever you are living a challenge.

The College May Expel You

Even worse, the college may expel you outright. When you enroll in a college or university, you agree to a code of student conduct. Many times, any arrest is violating this code. There may also be language specific to a DUI arrest.

Something to keep in mind is that the university does not have the same “standards of proof” required in a court of law. So even if you eventually get off on the criminal charges, you may have already been expelled from school because of the initial arrest.

You May Not be Able to Continue in Your Major of Choice.

A DUI may even affect your career choice. The reason for this is because many professions that require licensure may not be an option with a DUI on your record. Examples include becoming a lawyer or nurse. Also, some jobs won’t consider hiring someone with a DUI arrest. You may have to change your major to something that is not your passion in life.

How can a DUI Affect Your Life After College?

A DUI in College affects you long after you graduate. Here are some of the grave repercussions of a DUI.

  • Drivers Licence – Adult life can be very tough if you can’t drive. A DUI will often cause you to lose your license long-term.
  • Employment – A DUI conviction on your record is a major red flag to potential employers. You may not be eligible at all for certain jobs, including any situation that involves driving.
  • Relationships – Both personal and professional relationships can be affected by a DUI. An arrest changes how people perceive you.
  • Background Checks – Background checks are not just used for employment. Potential landlords often require one, and you will need a background check for any work involving children, even volunteering. A DUI on your record will hurt your chances.
  • Insurance Rates – Your auto insurance rate is always going to be higher with a DUI on your record. Your prices may even be double or triple what you would typically pay.

What Should You Do If You Get Arrested for DUI in College?

If you get arrested for drunk driving, there are two things you should do immediately. Once the police release you from the station, you should:

  1. Write down everything you remember. Sit down and try for total recall of the night, including where you were, how much you had been drinking, anything about the encounter with the police officer, and the circumstances of the chemical test. You should also try to remember how long it had been since your last drink when you took the breathalyzer or chemical test.
  2. Contact an attorney. This phone call is by far the most critical step post-arrest. It is essential to find an attorney who specializes in DUI law. An experienced lawyer will be on your side and fight for you in court. Whether it is your first offense or your third, the only way to navigate through the complexities of the court system is with an experienced attorney.

Remember, if you’ve been drinking alcohol, always have a designated driver, plan to walk home, or call a cab. Driving drunk is just not worth the risk of endangering lives and your entire future.

If you have been arrested for a DUI and need help during this confusing time, contact an experienced DUI attorney. Call today at (609) 321-8060 for a free consultation.