New Jersey DUI Attorney Explains Out of State DUI Charges

The rules change if you are charged with a DUI out of the state of New Jersey. Though you were charged in a location that you never are going to again, it is never wise to ignore these charges. If you are from out of state and got arrested in New Jersey, then the wisest decision would be to contact a New Jersey DUI attorney.

In the event that you need a New Jersey DUI attorney, distance may be an issue you for you. Make sure that attorney is licensed specifically in the state you were arrested in. Find one that has enough flexibility to accommodate your schedule.

Your New Jersey DUI attorney needs to know the standard procedural processes in which to argue your case. If you are hiring an attorney who is not familiar with the state’s laws for DUI offenses, then you might get a bigger sentence.

Though your New Jersey DUI attorney will be the one handling the case of the arrest, it is not a bad idea to seek representation in your home state. Since you will most likely face charges of license suspension, an in-state lawyer can help you out with those. Depending on the law of the individual state, they might be able to help you in the form of an appeal or a hardship license. Interstate compact agreements can apply if you agree to honor certain conditions.

Be prepared to make travel plans to show up to court that your New Jersey DUI attorney has arranged for you. Though this may be a pain, it will always maximize your chances on getting a reduced punishment if you show up to your court date. That means coming back to the state in which you were charged with the DUI.

If you have been charged with a DUI in New Jersey and are not from the state, then contact New Jersey DUI attorney Douglas Herring at 609-256-4098.