Expungements in New Jersey

Does Your Past Criminal Charge or Conviction in New Jersey Qualify for Expungement?

Many good citizens of our state make that “one bad decision” that results in them being convicted of a minor criminal or drug offense and it can negatively impact the rest of their lives. Having a criminal record can prevent you from getting the job you need, or joining the military, or getting a home loan. Even though you have been a law-abiding citizen since that incident, that one mistake comes back to haunt you every time your background history is checked.

Does New Jersey Law Allow for Expungements?

Thanks to the New Jersey Reform Act, you might be eligible to have that conviction expunged from your record for good! Chapter 52 of Title 2C (52-1) of the New Jersey Statutes enables you to have your criminal record expunged under certain circumstances for certain charges (including some minor criminal and drug offenses, juvenile offenses, and charges in townships and cities such as public intoxication). The New Jersey Legislature found that citizens convicted of single minor offenses suffered unduly hardships throughout their lives because they were prevented from gainful employment, housing loans, admission to colleges and universities and the military.

Who is Expungement Attorney Douglas Herring?

Even though the restrictions surrounding expungements have been lessened, it is still no easy task to achieve it. You will need an experienced criminal attorney who has successfully petitioned for their clients’ records to be expunged and that’s where The Law Office of Douglas Herring can help. Douglas Herring spent many years as a successful prosecutor first as Assistant United States Attorney in Newark and Trenton and then as Assistant Prosecutor in Middlesex County. Doug then decided to use his legal skill and knowledge of how the court’s prosecutorial system works to defend citizens accused of crimes. He has over 15 years of successful experience doing just that for his clients in and around the Princeton, New Jersey area. Doug has earned the highest rating of “Superb – 10” from the highly respected independent legal industry referral resource AVVO.

What is the Expungement Process?

Doug Herring has handled many successful expungements for his clients and understands the strict guidelines and requirements surrounding the process. After determining if your prior charge or convictions might qualify for expungement, Doug will begin the process of drafting your Petition. This action will require extensive information on your charge and must be served on the appropriate persons and agencies involved in expungements in New Jersey. Once all of the paperwork and service of process requirements have been met, and if not objection from any person or agency involved is made, an Order for Hearing will be filed so your Petition can go before a Judge, who will then either grant or deny the Petition. Once your expungement is granted, an Expungement Order will be issued that will enable the State of New Jersey to begin the process of erasing all record of the criminal offense from your record. The Order will need to be sent to every agency or department (such as county clerk’s offices, parole departments, and the New Jersey State Records Division) who will need to ensure that your records are deleted from their data bases and files. This step of the expungement process can take several months to complete.

If you happened to make “that one mistake” and you would like to see if your record qualifies for expungement, please contact us for a no-cost no-hassle consultation about your case. The Law Office of Douglas Herring is here to help you through the process of expunging your record because you should be free to enjoy every benefit in your future and free of the fear of a background check.