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Whether you have never been pulled over, or you have a handful of DUI’s everyone is familiar with field sobriety testing. You have seen people try to follow the officers finger in movies or stand on one leg and try to balance in an episode of COPS. These tests are officially called the Standard Field Sobriety Tests, and these tests are often used to aid in detecting DWIs. When you are pulled over and administered a field sobriety test the police are given rigorous training to be able to do so. Because of this training, they can defend these cases in the courtroom to prove that you were unable to drive, etc. But what if you turned the tables on the officers and your NJ DUI Attorney had the same training as the police officer? To bring you even better service we are proud to announce that NJ DUI Attorney Douglas Herring has completed the course for the National Highway Safety Administration on the DWI Detection and Field Sobriety Testing.

Getting pulled over for a DUI in New Jersey can put you in some seriously hot water. You run the risk of possibly losing your license as well as your freedom. When you have the right NJ DUI Attorney like Douglas Herring, you are in the right hands. NJ DUI Attorney Douglas Herring has nearly twenty years of experience not only defending DUI but also as a prosecutor. When you have an NJ DUI Attorney that has not only been on the other side of the courtroom but also has the detailed training that the police have.

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