Second Time DUI Offense Overview: New Jersey

Getting arrested for a Second Time DUI Offense in New Jersey holds heavy penalties. After being arrested, you will face immediate jail time as well as nearly ten thousand dollars in fines. These charges will likely cause incredible stress to both yourself and your family. It will be difficult to find employment and likely cause devastating insurance rate increases. In these situations, it is important to keep calm and do what you can to manage the situation. Your best course of defense is to contact an attorney immediately and follow his counsel. Second Time DUI Offense’s are levied whether your have a 0.08% BAC or a 0.12%. There are not segmented penalties like for the First Time DUI Offense.

Second Time DUI Offense Penalties

If you have a blood alcohol level over 0.08% you will lose your license for.

  • 2 Years

You are also charged these fees:

  • $500-$1,000 Fine
  • $280 IRDC Fee
  • $100 to Drunk Driving Fund
  • $100 to AERF
  • $1000 per year surcharge (3 years)
  • $75 to Neighborhood Services Fund

Mandatory prison time from:

  • 48 Hours – 90 Days

Community service for:

  • 30 Days

You will have to attend the IRDC for:

  • 12-48 Hours

You will also, at your expense, install an ignition interlock device. You will be required to use the device for:

  • The duration of your license suspension plus an additional 1-3 years after license restoration.

As you can tell, these penalties for Second Time DUI Offense are much greater than the first offense. The fines and penalties only increase with subsequent offenses. Your best option is to contact an experienced New Jersey DUI Attorney.
If you have been arrested for a Second Time DUI Offense, it is in your best interest to contact the DUI Help Center. The Law Office of New Jersey DUI Attorney Douglas Herring is available 24 hours a day now at (844) 652-2287.