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February, 21 2020
Saved my future

I was looking at some very serious charges that could have resulted in 3-5 years in prison. (more…)

February, 21 2020
Got pulled over for my first DUI in Plainsboro, NJ
DUI Attorney: Douglas Herring

So I got pulled over for my first DUI in Plainsboro, NJ in December 2014. After s few consultations with other attorneys, I decided to have Doug represent me. I was charged with Failure to Maintain Lane, Reckless Driving, DWI, and DWI in a school zone. Doug was able to have everything but the DWI itself resolved along with the minimum suspension time and fines for my BAC.
February, 21 2020
Dismissed the DWI and all tickets

DWI in North Brunswick. Client found asleep in his car with his door partly open when the police arrived. Client had a .14 BAC.
After defense investigation, prosecutor dismissed the DWI and all tickets. Client very happy!

January, 23 2019
Case Result: Prosecutor decided the State could not prove the DWI.

DWI case with blood-alcohol .13.  DWI dismissed because the State Police refused to turn over the videos of the field sobriety test.

Filed motion for the videos and eventually the judge ordered the videos excluded from the evidence.  Showed prosecutor how the State Police had improperly documented the field sobriety testing procedures and results.  Prosecutor decided the State could not prove the DWI.

Client plead to a Careless Driving and Speeding 9 MPH over the limit.  Client is very happy.
January, 17 2019

Third-time DWI with a BAC .30, which would have a mandatory sentence of 180 days in jail.  Filed motion to suppress because the State Police could not produce the claimed 911 calls from other drivers.  Prosecutor agreed to dismiss the DWI ticket and the defendant plead guilty to a lesser traffic ticket.

July, 27 2018
Case Result : No jail. Very happy client!

Second Degree Endangering the Welfare of a Child. With client’s prior record, certain prison sentence of 5 to 10 years. Demonstrated the weakness in the State’s case. Prosecutor agreed to reduce the case to Disorderly Conduct, the equivalent of a misdemeanor. No jail. Very happy client.

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