DUI arrests are common, but the craziest DUI stories are the ones that make the news. In the digital age, some arrests can go viral and spiral out of control. These stories aren’t usually violent or fatal, rather bizarre in nature. Regardless, these people got behind the wheel after drinking and have a lasting legacy because of it. Here are the ten craziest DUI stories of the 21st century:

Potato Chips, Officer?

In Florida, police approached a woman in a parked car drinking vodka. As she continued to drink, the officer requested her license and registration. The woman promptly handed him a bag of potato chips and a bottle of water. The officer arrested her for a DUI. She had parked her car, but the cop discovered her blood alcohol content was double the legal limit.

Not-so-high-speed chase

In New York, officers were on a low-speed chase to catch Jerry Mitchell. The Brooklyn resident had a few drinks before hopping onto a street sweeper and taking off. His ride never broke 35 miles per hour, but his blood alcohol content did break 0.16.


Thomas Felts was just trying to make nice with the local Amish teens who had pulled their buggy over. He then began talking to the teens about Rumspringa, the Amish rite of passage. He offered the teens Yuengling beers, then sent them on their way. Felts later attempted to drive past their buggy, screaming “Rumspringa,” but crashed into the cart. His BAC was .126.

No Double Vision

In Sweden, police pulled over a 56-year-old woman for driving erratically. Before they charged her with drunk driving and a court sentenced to two months in prison, she gave her unusual testimony. She assured the court she was driving as safely as possible with one eye closed to avoid the double vision.

A Little Too Relaxed

Minnesota resident Dennis Anderson motorized his recliner by adding a lawnmower motor to it. He drove his recliner to a bar one night, drank eight or nine beers, then tried to drive his recliner home. Unfortunately, his recliner hit a parked car and police were called to the scene. They charged him in one of the craziest DUI stories, then sold his recliner on eBay. The bizarre Internet fame gave Anderson incredible notoriety, and the recliner sold for $11,000.

A Family Affair

In New Zealand in 2011, local police arrested a teenager for drinking and driving. Shortly after they processed him, he called his mother for a ride home from the station. While on the way to pick up her son, she was arrested for drinking and driving with a BAC almost double the legal limit. She then called her partner, requesting a ride for both her and her son. In true ironic fashion, the partner was also pulled over for drinking and driving. The family finally got a ride home that night from a non-relative.

Giving Dad A Helping Hand

Randy Lewis of Tennessee was on a beer run but had a couple of drinks before attempting to get behind the wheel. Luckily for him, his son was with him and was sober enough to drive. Unfortunately, his son was only ten years old. The boy crashed the car at 90 miles per hour. The boy, father and his two other children in the car were all fine. Police charged Lewis after finding his BAC at three times the legal limit and cocaine in his system. Fitting enough, they booked Lewis wearing a T-shirt that read “Buy this dad a beer.”

Barbie World

After adding bigger wheels to his daughter’s electric Barbie car, Paul Hutton decided to break in the new ride. Officers arrested him after going a whopping four miles per hour. Police charged him with a DUI after his BAC was twice the legal limit.

Feeling Pretty

Daniel Marchese was going in and out of consciousness at an intersection in Pittsburgh. Police pulled him over and found an open bottle of whiskey in the car. It was a fairly routine DUI arrest for the officers until they asked him to step outside of the vehicle. They were shocked to find he was wearing nothing but bright pink lingerie.

A Lasting Impact

Arguably the most famous celebrity to make the craziest DUI stories list, Canadian Chad Kroeger of the world-renowned rock band Nickelback was arrested for a DUI in 2006. Paying homage to his arrest, police officers in Prince Edward Island claimed they had a gift for anyone arrested for a DUI. Kensington Police said, “When we catch you, and we will catch you, on top of a hefty fine, a criminal charge, and a year’s driving suspension, we will also provide you with a bonus gift of playing the office’s copy of Nickelback in the cruiser on the way to jail.”