Almost everyone gets traffic tickets at some point in their life. Whether it is when you first learn to drive, later in life when it is harder to see or one day while you are in a rush to get to work. It is an experience that most people can account for, regardless of the outcome. But, what are your options when you get a ticket? Most people pay the fine and go on about their lives. But, it might surprise you how that can still affect your record and that there are alternatives.

Pay The Fine

Most people pay the fine for the traffic tickets they receive. While this might be the easiest and most convenient option, this will still have consequences. New Jersey has a point system. So, while you might be avoiding a warrant for your arrest, you will still have to live with this ticket on your record. And once you have too many points, you will face license suspension. There is no way to remove them before they expire. This means that once you pay that fine and the points are added to your license, they are there for years. And the more traffic tickets you get the closer you are to losing your license.

Fight The Ticket

If you think that you don’t deserve the ticket, you can fight it. You are able to go to court and contest the ticket, but whether or not it will remain is up to the judge. While you do not need an attorney to exercise this option, it is helpful. Most people don’t understand the viable reasons for dismissing a ticket and end up having to pay the fine, regardless. However, having an attorney to present a case for you is beneficial. Most people think it isn’t worth the expense, but you would be surprised how much cheaper it is than what you think. Depending on the ticket and your infraction, it could be cheaper than paying the fine. And in these cases, you may not even need to appear in court yourself. That can be advantageous for people who don’t want to take time off work.

Taking No Action

While it might seem from movies that you can just ignore traffic tickets, that isn’t the case. In films, you hear or see characters with tickets that are stacked up, and they pay no consequence. But, in the real world; there are severe consequences. There tend to be warrants issued for your arrest if you do not show up to the court hearing. If you do show up and avoid your financial obligation, there can be severe consequences as well. Ignoring the problem is never the solution. And in these cases, it can land you in jail. And if you don’t have the thousands of dollars for bail, you will be held until you can be seen in court. Depending on the court, that could be a very long time. And that isn’t a chance you want to risk.


Having an attorney doesn’t seem worth it to some people. However, any time there is a judge or a court involved; it is a good idea. Courts are complicated, and judges can be tough. You don’t want to say or do something wrong. Also, an attorney can limit the damage your case will sustain. They don’t always cost as much as you think they will and often times the advice they give pays for itself.

In many cases, they are able to represent you in your case without you being there. This means that you will not only have lighter fines and sentences, but you do not have to take time off work. So, you are saving money and not having to lose it at the same time. Even if you still have fines, they will be less than otherwise and you might be able to avoid the points. And you will still make money from being at work. You are likely to save money or come out even. Still, it is better than doing nothing or just paying the fine.

Traffic tickets are a common problem. They are something that everyone has to deal with but tend to ask few questions about. But, you don’t have to lose time at work and go to court. Let an attorney handle this for you. Not only will you pay less in fines, but you will be able to maintain your attendance record at work. This is a stress that you can pass on to someone else and it may help you avoid acquiring more points on your license. This is something that you at least want to discuss so that you are aware of your options. You never know what they can do for you and you never will if you don’t ask! You can start your search here.