Understanding NJ DUI Laws

When you are caught driving under the influence, or driving while intoxicated, it’s important to consult with a DUI attorney to talk about your case and NJ DUI Laws. Even if you are a first time offender, you can end up spending time in jail if you are found guilty. Any arrest for drunk driving, and you are automatically charged $600 in a variety of fees.

NJ DUI Laws for First Offenders

When you are found guilty of driving under the influence as a first time offender according to NJ DUI Laws, you may face up to thirty days in jail, a fine between $250-$500, and a suspension of your driver’s license anywhere from three months to a year. It’s possible that the judge will order you to have an Ignition Interlock Device placed on your car that prevents your car from running until you blow into the machine and it registers zero blood alcohol content. To be found guilty of DUI, your blood alcohol level must be at .08 or higher, .02 if you are under 21 years old, and .04 if you are driving a commercial vehicle.

Failure to submit to sobriety testing for first time offenders results in an automatic loss of license for seven months according to NJ DUI Laws.

NJ DUI Laws for Subsequent Offenders

If you already have a drunk driving conviction within the last ten years, according to NJ DUI Laws a second or subsequent guilty finding will be treated more harshly. For drivers found guilty of DUI a second time, you can go to jail for up to 90 days, pay fines between $500 and $1000, and have your license suspended for up to two years. The same $600 in charges in addition to any consequences will apply as well.

If you fail to submit to a sobriety test for a second time within ten years, you automatically will lose your license for two years. New Jersey is a state with implied consent, meaning that you agree to sobriety testing because you have accepted a driver’s license in the state. Driving is a privilege, and if you do not submit to sobriety testing, your license is automatically revoked which is a crucial NJ DUI Laws to think about when you consider not blowing in the breathalyzer.

For a third time conviction of drunk driving according to NJ DUI Laws, you can spend up to 180 days in jail. You will be expected to pay the additional $600 in fines and fees once again. You can be fined up to $1000, and your license will be suspended for ten years.

Failure to submit to a field sobriety test for the third time in a period of ten years will result in you losing your license for a ten year period.

If you have been charged with drunk driving, and you are nervous about your upcoming court date, it’s time to sit down with an attorney that understands NJ DUI Laws. When you contact the talented attorneys at the Law Office of Douglas Herring you get the assistance of one of the most experienced NJ DUI Lawyer in all of New Jersey. We are available at any time for a free consultation at 609-256-4098.