Attorney Assessments: Whom Should I Choose As My New Jersey DWI Lawyer?

Whatever the circumstances, you should never begin a DWI case without the best legal representation you can find. A good New Jersey DWI Lawyer can demonstrate the flaws in the prosecution’s case and send you home free. Even if you plead guilty, an attorney can highlight extenuating circumstances to make your punishment less severe. Thus before you go to court, make sure to find a lawyer with:

Extensive Experience

As with any other professional, the more experience a New Jersey DWI Lawyer has, the more likely he or she is to prevail. An experienced New Jersey DWI Lawyer, however, does not just mean a lawyer who has been practicing law for many years. Rather, the New Jersey DWI Lawyer must have years of experience specifically defending DWI cases and other, closely related issues. Be skeptical of lawyers who have recently begun working on DWI cases after years of specializing in something else. Not only do such New Jersey DWI Lawyer’s lack relevant experience, but the fact that they switched to another specialty likely indicates that they were not doing well in their former position. Ask how many cases the New Jersey DWI Lawyer has won, and request specific details about each case. The closer a winning case was to your own, the more likely the lawyer will be able to serve you well.

A Talented Team

New Jersey DWI Lawyer

For every New Jersey DWI Lawyer who appears in court, there are countless others who spend most of their time on discovery, legal writing, and other tasks. Such tasks are essential to the success or failure of your case, which is why you must consider everyone on your lawyer’s team. Ask your New Jersey DWI Lawyer whom he or she will likely work with, what their credentials are, and how long they have worked together.

Additional Attributes

Besides experience and team support, never hire a New Jersey DWI Lawyer who does not have:

Legal Malpractice Coverage- If you lose your case because of professional negligence, malpractice insurance will compensate you for any damages. Not all lawyers have insurance, however, and even those who do don’t cover all types of malpractice, so make sure to ask for specific information.
Upfront Costs- Ask your New Jersey DWI Lawyer what all the potential costs of the case are and how much they will likely add up to. If your lawyer is hesitant to tell you or won’t give you a specific estimate, he or she is likely trying to take advantage of you.
A Clean Record- Ask your New Jersey DWI Lawyer if the State Bar has ever disciplined him or her, and request specific records. If your New Jersey DWI Lawyer has been frequently disciplined and/or is hesitant to show you the records, he or she is not trustworthy.

Contacting A New Jersey DWI Lawyer

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