A DUI conviction will affect your life in many ways. You will have to pay more for car insurance, be restricted to a particular area, and pay some substantial fines. You will even have to serve community service, for a while. But, have you thought about your future? How will this DUI affect your options for college?

How Can A DUI Affect Your College Admission?

All college applications ask about criminal history. Whether they as about a felony, specifically, is the only variable. They will want to know what the charges were and may not ask about the circumstances. You may not get a chance to explain much about your experience on your application. There will be other students applying to the same school who don’t have any convictions on their records. This will put you at a disadvantage. The competition is already pretty fierce. You don’t need another strike against you. There may only be a handful of admissions applications that are approved. And the better the school, the fewer the openings and the more competition for them. They will have higher standards and will only be judging you on paper.

Some people omit their history from applications, thinking they won’t get caught. This isn’t a chance you want to take. They will find out, and you will be expelled if they even approve your application at all. Lying on your application isn’t a chance you should take. You will get caught.

Can a DUI Affect Your Scholarship?

There are clauses that allow lenders to withdraw funds if they feel you aren’t deserving of the award. In many cases, they will even ask you to pay back any tuition you may have already been issued. Private lenders can pull funding at any time and from anyone they choose. They do this when they feel you have violated a decency clause and want to give the scholarship to someone who is deemed more deserving. There are always other candidates for tuition, and they may not have the background you do. To some, a DUI conveys that you don’t take your future seriously and are wasteful. This isn’t something they look for in someone they want to endow.

If this is your first conviction, you may still be able to receive assistance from The Free Application for Federal Student Aid. But, the more you have, the harder it will be to get approved. Your second conviction will be a felony, at which point you will lose your funding. This will mean you have lost aid from both government and private lenders.

You should ask a college counselor for more information about a DUI affect on your tuition assistance. They will know how you should answer questions on the application and what the effect will be. It is wise to let your attorney know when you will meet them and that you may have questions for them. It is possible that how you answer a question will depend on something you don’t know the answer to. Your attorney will be able to help you with this. You can start your search here.

Does Consequence of a DUI Affect Your Education?

Community service hours can be hard to fill while taking classes full-time. Quite a few organizations that you will work with try to work around your schedule. However, many of them have the same hours your classes will. While you will be able to work them off on the weekends, you will need that time to study and finish assignments. Without the right balancing act, you may be dismissed from the class. This may not seem like a problem now, but it will when you have to choose between sleep and being prepared for class the next day.
Probation may be a problem if you don’t live in the same county as a college. If you want to attend one that isn’t in the state, it would be an even bigger problem. While a judge can try to work something out, it doesn’t always work that way. And sometimes the process to petition the judge for leniency takes longer than you would like. This can cause a problem with paperwork deadlines. Even if they see your appeal, that doesn’t mean it will be granted.

For more information about how a DUI will affect your education, you can start here. You will want to read as much as you can, in case you have any questions for your attorney or counselor. Between the two, you should be able to brave through this. They will be able to guide you and give you an idea of what the possibilities are in minimizing how your future is affected. It is better to ask questions of professionals than to lose the chance at a productive future.